Information Technology Student Organization

Point Park's student run IT Organization.

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Average class size of 15-20 students allows for personalized learning. Students learn hands-on in IT labs and in every course related to the major.

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Whether you need assistance with your IT courses or just want to learn a new IT skill, our tutorials are a great place to get started.

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Week 15 at the Pittsburgh Knights

Nothing really happened this week. I finalized the new stream team page and it is fianlly up. I also am making a new page, and going to pitch it on why the page I made should be on the site. The URL for the stream team page is

Week 14 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week we had to get everything set up on the site and on social media for a new release. On Friday we made sure everything was ready by 3 PM for us to release our new Fortnite team before one of our players played in the summer Skirmish. I also had make a new

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Week 13 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week I wasn’t in the office the whole week, but I worked from Philly the whole time. We had our big announcement on Friday that we had a sponsorship with Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Everything I put up the week before that had to do with this announcement went live. Each player and employee also

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Week 12 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week was just getting everything set up for an announcement. I had to make sure the site was ready for it, and once we hit publish everything would go up and be current. I had to put everything on the site that had to do with the announcement.

Week 11 At the Pittsburgh Knights

Last week was a short week. I had to miss work on Wednesday cause of a family emergency. But, nothing really special or amazing happened during the week anyway. I just had to fix some problems that was happening to some links, and I also had to find an alternative way for the RoundTable page.

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Week 10 at Pittsburgh

This week was a big week cause I finally updated the new store on the site, and it looks great! Also my coworker/friend ask me to give him skeleton of the site in HTML cause we might be hard coding the whole site, but that is down the road. We are out sourcing for a

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week 9 at the Pittsburgh Knights

This week was a normal week at the knights. I finally finished the re-design of the store; now just waiting for approval to upload it. Also have to research other teams and see what is eye popping about their site also to see where they put there sponsors on their site besides having a partners/sponsor

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