MBA 582 Database Management and Applications

Getting Started


  1. Download the MySQL Workbench from here: Make sure that you download just the Workbench installer and not the MySQL installer (sometimes shown under recommended downloads), which contains other software besides the Workbench as well that you do not need and will only be confusing.
  2. Install the MySQL Workbench.
  3. Create a new connection by clicking on the little plus at the top right next to MySQL Connections.
  4. Use as hostname (instead of
  5. Use your Point Park username as username (instead of root).
  6. Use the database password you received by email.
  7. You do not have to create a new database because you already have one (same as your username). So skip 1:35 to 2:10 in the video.
  8. You should import the Cape Codd database instead of the HSD database. You can download the files from the Blackboard.


Reverse Engineering


  1. You should reverse engineer the Cape Codd database instead of the HSD database.
  2. Writing JOIN queries is a bit more advanced but you can certainly watch it.


Database Design


  1. One additional step is needed around second 20. You have to right click on mydb, select Edit Schema, and then change the Schema Name to your Point Park username.
  2. In your designs you can stick to the relationships that use the dashed lines.


Forward Engineering


  1. Instead of the mydb database you will use the database that carries the same name as your username.
  2. When you update your design and want to recreate your database do not forget to delete your tables first.


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