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IT Program

Why should I enroll into the IT program at Point Park University?
Our revamped program (1) equips you with fundamental programming and problem solving skills, (2) has a focus on important modern technologies such as mobile development and big data, and (3) has a big hands-on component where you apply the skills you learn on very modern infrastructure.

I am a transfer student, what should I do?
Check the University Transfer Students page for more information.

Can I get a scholarship?
See the University scholarships and the School of Business scholarships.

Can I get financial aid?
See the Office of Financial Aid.

What equipment do I need for the IT program?
You will need a laptop and we support both Apple and Windows based machines. Click here for more information.


Can I get software for free or at a discount?
Office is available for free here: https://products.office.com/en-us/student. Click ‘Find out if you’re eligible’ and enter your Point Park email and follow the instructions. Works on Mac and PC.
Info about other discount software can be found here: http://www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/TechnologyServices/ComputerPurchasingProgram. You must follow the link for the discounts to apply.

Why is there a focus on FreeBSD in the program?
FreeBSD is a modern, well engineered operating system with great documentation and a permissive license. It is used by the likes of Netflix to serve movies (that allegedly makes up about a third of internet traffic at peak hours), Apple in their Mac OS X operating system, and Sony in the Playstation 4 uses the FreeBSD kernel.

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