CMPS 460 Mobile Application Development


Course Description

In this course, students will learn how to develop applications for mobile devices. Mobile devices are more restricted in screen space but also have new opportunities such as built in GPS. This course requires completing a group project for a given mobile platform.

In this course students will learn how to create an app for both the IOS and Android platforms from the existing languages that they have learned at PPU. This course will provide a small introduction of the native methods that both Google and Apple prefer the developers to use the native languages of Java and Swift or objective-c to develop on the IOS and Android platforms.

This course, we will develop an app that helps you remember where you parked your vehicle at. We’ve all been there and parked our vehicle somewhere, and do not remember where. We will be utilizing GPS, and and existing API for Google Maps, to help locate our physical location.

Credits: 3, prerequisites: CMPS 361.

Course Preview

Students will learn how to take a website that they developed, and turn it into a mobile app. This below is an example of my page that is located at: I was able to utilize an existing website written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and create an App on both the IOS and Android platforms. Below is an example of a iPhone App.


Course Syllabus

Click here for the syllabus.

Course Modules

Module 1: Getting Started Environment Setup
Module 2: Creating an App
Module 3: Configure & Build your Application in IOS/Android
Module 4: Debugging the IOS/Android Application
Module 5: Develop a Find Your Vehicle App Part I – Create HTML/CSS
Module 6: Develop a Find Your Vehicle App Part II – Create Java Script, and API Functions from Google Maps
Module 7: Develop a Find Your Vehicle App Part III – Finishing developing our application, and releasing it to our environment.
Module 8: Introduction to Android Development – Java Native Code
Module 9: Build an Android App from Scratch
Module 10: Introduction to IOS Development – Swift Native Code
Module 11: Build an IOS App from Scratch
Module 12: Introduction to ION for Cordova App Development
Module 13: ION Components & Utilities
Module 14: Publishing your App to Google Play Store & App Store
Module 15: Final Exam

Course Objectives

  1. Write applications for mobile devices.
  2. Understand the specific design considerations for mobile devices.
  3. Utilize sensors only available on mobile devices.
  4. Create user interface designs for mobile devices.

Course Topics

  1. Mobile devices
  2. Tools for development on mobile devices
  3. Design considerations for mobile devices
  4. Application development

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