Module 1: …

CMPS 460: Mobile Application Development

Course Description

This module describes the understanding of Cordova, its rich history on where it started, and ended up at. This module students will understand the application layers, and principals involved with developing an mobile application with the Cordova framework.

Module Objectives

  • Learn the introduction to what Apache Cordova.
  • Understand the web technologies involved in cross-platform development.
  • Learn what PhoneGap is, and why it’s related to Cordova.
  • Learn how to application layers work from start to finish.
  • Learn about the functionality of a web view.
  • Understand the different plugins, and how they can be accessed.
  • Learn the principal methods in building apps.
  • Learn the installation, and technology tools that will be used in this course.

Learning Resources

  • Module 1 Readings: Chapter 1
  • Module 1 Lecture: Chapter 1

Learning Activities

  • Module 1 Evaluating our software installations work, and we can use GIT properly.

For Further Study

  • It is highly recommended to ensure all of your software is installed, and works properly:

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