End of Year Reflection – Sabrina T (Oncoming ITSO President)

“There were many reasons why I decided to commit to Point Park as an incoming freshman. The biggest factor was due to the IT program offered through the School of Business, and all of the opportunities it offered towards their students. As a freshman, you are already ahead of the game by taking courses directly towards your major and learning skills that will be applied in both future courses and in your career. For example, I’m able to get exposed to projects utilizing SQL, working hands-on with networking cabling and configurations, learn new programming languages, and take courses where I am able to create data algorithms. Point Park’s IT program is truly unique due to the variety of course offerings which will make you a very well rounded job applicant upon graduation.

It’s not even through just the courses that brought me here. Pittsburgh is a great city and has a lot of career and job potential with all of the major companies within walking distance such as PNC, UPMC, Google, Uber, FedEx, and many more. Outside of the IT program, students can be very active through the Information Technology Student Organization (ITSO), and attend opportunities such as job recruitment events, internships, mentorships, and academic competitions. I know that Point Park’s IT program is best preparing me, and I look forward to my future as a Pioneer!”

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