CDC Internship Week 11

This week was very routine in my duties.  I responded to multiple tickets dealing with updating and installing required security patches on various lab devices. I think the biggest lesson learned is having to muster the patience for the customers that lie and come up with excuses as to why they want to violate policy. One situation was a customer who had been keeping multiple computers air-gapped from our network for over a month and was flagged for updates. After contacting and speaking directly with the customer, they had promised that they were turning their devices on once we got off the phone and ended the conversation. After several hours had passed, I attempted remote connecting and not one of the three computers responded as being powered on. I contacted the customer again and this time they were extremely rude in their tone then claimed they had an approved exception to keep their computers from being updated. They then said they would turn on their computers. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, this did not occur. The only solution was to send an email and this time copy my supervisor to ensure the event was documented appropriately and escalated on her level.

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