CDC Internship Week 12

This Friday was rather brief being Thanksgiving week. I think the most frustrating thing was that most of the people I had to make contact with on my ticket were gone or left early for the holiday. This has given me time to focus on brushing up on some of learning. One of the biggest pieces of advice I have received last week was from one of the employees in our department. He strongly suggested that if I am interested in advancing in security that I had to learn as much of the Linux command line as possible. With that said this quiet down time was spent delving into Linux and the dealing with the frustration that comes with having to learn a new operating system. I think that is the biggest frustration with this occupation that I’ve chosen. There is so much to learn in the IT field that one must constantly keep on their toes and even with the areas they feel they have mastered they must be ready to adapt as that will also evolve as the pace of technology advances.

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