This week was spent trying to upgrade with a  more difficult task of updating older laboratory devices to our new operating system. Some of these devices were so old they still had 3 ½” floppy disk drives installed on them. The main difficulty is the older towers were configured in RAID with their multiple drives reading as one hard drive. Another complication is that the back up program we are required to use would not migrate the all the data on the drive. This lead me to having to remove each of the drives and use a USB hard drive docking port in order to transfer the information to the network. After the data transfer,  I then had to reinstall the drives and plug them into the SATA prongs to prepare them for reimaging. The process time also took longer due to the second drive having to be encrypted after the imaging process was completed and the first drive encrypted. My rating this week would be 5 out of 5 because of the detailed amount of material I learned in working with legacy computers.

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