This week I was able to focus on some security learning. Specifically, dealing with the removal of encrypted drives. Removing an encrypted drive automatically triggers Bitlocker and locks out the hard drive of the device from being accessed. This causes us to have to wait for security to provide us with the forty-eight digit recovery number to unlock the drive. In addition to removing the drive, another action that will trigger the Bitlocker recovery is in updating the BIOS without suspending Bitlocker. For the past few months, since I ended the first portion of this internship in the summer, I’ve been treated as a regular team member not just an intern. Now, in regards to corporate culture of our organization, I find it interesting to observe how the newer intern from another college behaves in the office we share. Every day he constantly makes a point in discussing his job search prospects with me and how he was praised by our supervisor. If anything, this serves for an interesting observational practice in office politics.

My rating this week would be a 4 out of 5 due to distractions.

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