CDC Internship Week 5

Another week of upgrading operating systems. The most interesting event of the week was a practice in patience and understanding for a client that was not as technologically savvy. Our department had upgraded her computer to the new operating system and she had called to complain with our supervisor Sheila to complain that her computer was not functioning correctly at home whenever she teleworked. The help desk had tried to walk her through some troubleshooting via phone but she was not satisfied. The ticket was escalated and assigned to me. Upon making contact the client claimed that her computer was “acting weird” but when asked to elaborate she could not provide details. Upon meeting the client, I learned that the trouble she had been having was with her VPN connection. There is a screen that pops up that asks the grant full access but she had been refusing. After almost two hours of providing instruction on the use of the VPN and the new operating system the client was satisfied. The main takeaway from this ticket was that all some clients need is a little bit of in person instruction to put them at ease with new software and operating systems. More often than not we as users are given new software and expected to have enough technological savvy to figure it out.


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