ACDHS Co-Op Week 11

During this week, I had to create a slideshow that will be shown at the annual conference in November. The slideshow contained nearly 100 images that included photos from previous years conferences. I made the slideshow interesting and fresh so that those who watch i twill be interested in it and not bored while watching it. I used PowerPoint to make the slideshow and made sure that I integrated the animation and transitions features in a dynamic but professional way. I also assisted in a problem that arose with the Learning Management System that dealt with a user not being able to register for a training, and the problem was resolved.

Next Week: Next Week is technically my last week of the Co-Op, though I will continue working here until April. I will most likely be making changes to the slideshow and continue to assist with the LMS and upload learning content to it.

Rating: This week I rate myself a 5 out of 5 because I created an interesting slideshow that will be shown to hundreds of people as well as assisting users when they had problems with the LMS.

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