ACDHS Co-Op Week 10

This week I spent more time on The Learning Management System; adding webinars and tests/quizzes again that will be used by employees of the Agency. I also attended a conference meeting regarding the Agency’s annual conference where we went over job assignments and who will be doing what during the conference on November 2nd. I will be a “floater,” which means I will go where they need me. I could be doing anything from IT support (During the conference, they use laptops and projectors which I will help out with and make sure everything is working properly), helping attendees, and taking pictures of the event throughout the day.

Next Week’s Objectives: For the conference, I was asked to create a slideshow of pictures that will be provided to be from last year’s conference. I will likely use PowerPoint as that would probably be the easiest, I will complete this task early next week.

Rating: This week I rate myself 3 out of 5 because although I did all my work, I did miss one day because I was sick.

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