TFM Co-Op: Week 12

For this past week, there were a few challenges I had to get past in order to implement certain parts of the project, but with a little persistence and the help of my teammates I was able to overcome all my issues. I had to fix a few things on the front-end of our project including the html pages for the admin and our clients, as well as working with some javascript to add some functionality to the page elements. These included creating a function that will sort all of the table column contents in ascending and descending order (which I later figured out I didn’t need, but it was good practice), as well as reorganizing the page layout and hiding/showing certain contents based on different events. I also did some work on the backend in PHP debugging some of the functions we created. There were some issues with the database queries and the data they they were returning.

We have also been coordinating with carriers trying to get our EDI connection set up, which basically means getting an established business processed set up so they can send us their EDI files. With this I have realized how important it is for developers to communicate with different parties from their employees to their vendors to their managers.

For the past week I gave myself a rating of 4. We are nearly done implementing everything and only have a few weeks left, I’m hoping we can finish everything by then!

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