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This week I continued to work on old accounts that were on hold for a very long time. The research on the accounts has taken longer than expected and I had to make a decision on the list of priorities. Even though the list of things to do is extensive, there are still priorities that have to be met and I am going to use the days that the accounts are past due as my marker for the priority list.

After organizing everything by date, I have a clear view of what needs to be done. I began training the interns on the process of updating the database with the most up-to-date information, as well as to create a checklist for every account as we update the information.


As I mentioned last week, there were a few accounts that had been on hold for a long time and after I was able to bring them up to speed, more old accounts started showing up as requested to proceed from the client. I realized that this is definitely not a one-person job and that despite being a boutique firm, they need more people on board to do this job. Thankfully, the management sees this and I was given full access to the help of the interns and they have been extremely helpful during this past week.


This was my second week on my own after the previous person in charge left the firm. I am happy to report that I kept being able to get things done, this time on my own. I grabbed the challenge by the horns and tried my best to find information on how to do things by myself. My co-workers trusted me and let me make my own decisions, but I always asked for advice when in doubt which proved to be the best way to go.

I was able to work a little bit on the website and found a template that was suitable for what is required from the website. I should have a better idea on the next steps to take during the course of next week. See below the current state of the website, as I found it:

OLD website front page

For my fourth week on the job I give myself a 4, I feel that I could do more every day but am still slowed down by my learning curve.

Thanks for reading.

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