Week 10 Reflection Blog – Flores

Hi Everyone!

I have completed week 10 of my internship at MIGHTY Home Improvement App. Our latest update was published to the Apple iOS app store on Monday and we were able to complete some preliminary testing on the release. We found some additional, but small, errors that we documented and passed on to the development team. My projects for this week consisted of creating an email template so that the homeowner will receive a job completion email at once they hit “complete task” in the app. I also continued creating wireframes for the other services on our home screen. This week, I completed the wireframes for our Landscaping, Interior and Exterior Cleaning, and Photography screens. Once I finalized the wireframes, we created a presentation for our update meeting at Innovation Works. Innovation Works is a company that helps technology startups in Pittsburgh and provides the necessary funding to get your business going. My co-worker and I presented our revision templates through our wireframes. I also attended a startup event on Wednesday evening where we were able to network and bounce ideas off of other prominent startups in the area. Lastly, we received two job submissions late in the week and we spent a significant amount of time researching the jobs and creating a plan to organize the jobs. We created templates for scope of works, email notifications, text notifications, and a job folder.

This week I would rate myself a 4 out of 5. I was able to network and learn gain some great experience by presenting to Innovation Works and speaking to other startup entrepreneurs. My goal for next week is to organize and schedule the two jobs by acquiring a contractor to complete the projects. We should also be hearing more about our hackathon event from potential developers.

See you next week!

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