Hello, I just finished my 12th week of my Co-op at Target FMI!

During the week, I continued to on-board carriers. I also received a new list of carriers our team managed to add to our already extensive list! Overall setting up carriers this week went better for me, I don’t know if it is my experience in doing so or the carriers I worked with this week were more cooperative but it was not the hassle it was previous weeks. With that being the case, I could spend more time writing code. I added a few new things on the admin landing page so when database records need to be entered in the system or delete them, now there is a user interface that all can access instead of using phpMyAdmin or Workbench. I made this for our current clients that use the new manifest tracking system as well as the list of carriers we can FTP files from. I also spent some time working back in my model to rewrite some of my queries to make the more efficient and clearer to ever reads my code.

I ran across an interesting issue I came into when trying to add a new feature which took myself and a few of the other developers more time than it would seem. For the project, I have been working on there is a table where the records can be a one to many relationships, and the very last id would be the most recent. For some reason trying to get the last id in that table to match the other tables was very difficult to do in one query. Since every time we used a group by it always took the first one, if we tried to do sort descending before the group SQL would throw errors. After we figured it out I made me learn a lot about DB management and SQL, and it was an interesting issue that many other people might have run into.

I give myself a weekly rating of 5 for my efforts this week. I am coming up on my last two weeks, and hopefully, during that time all our carriers and new carriers are completely set up so we can output all the data to our clients.

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