ACDHS Co-Op Week 4

During week 4, I was tasked with generating a report to my supervisor on the work I have done thus far. Similar to the blog posts, I reiterated my work done on the Learning Management System, database research, as well as a few other research topics including: social media marketing and Micro-Learning. My supervisor was very pleased with the report and the work that I have done so far.

On Tuesday, I downloaded the mobile app that works in conjunction with our Learning Management System. My job was to determine the capabilities of the app. Can we upload content via mobile application? View content? These are the questions I asked myself when navigating the app. I found that I needed yet more permissions within our LMS in order to upload content using the app, so I contacted the system administrator to gain access, which I am still awaiting a response for.

Also, this week, my supervisor wanted me to start working on the database, which will contain all of the agency’s training materials including PowerPoints, instructional videos, lesson plans, etc. It is supposed to be organized by job category and must be searchable by job title. The goal is to be able to search by job title and have all of the training required for that job to be displayed.  I am using Microsoft Access to make the database so it has been fairly simple so far. I have created tables that contain every job title within the organization and I have categorized the jobs using the criteria I was given to do so. Because they want a searchable database I have created forms that will make it possible to find training for each specific job; all the user has to do is type in the job title and the training that is required for that job will appear. The training objects are embedded in the database through hyperlinks as of now. I may change them to attachments to make the database more secure, but this is just a rough draft to show how the database will be laid out.

Next week’s objectives: Do a little more with the database; make it look nice, show it to my supervisor and hear her thoughts and make any changes necessary.

This week I give myself a rating of 5 out of 5. I was able to create a simple draft of the database and I enjoyed doing it! Something I am especially proud of is that I became very familiar with building macros in Access which I think is a very valuable skill.

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