I am wrapping up my 11th week of my Co-op with Target Freight, and I almost ready to have my project finished and pushed into production.  My last step is to have all of our carriers on boarded sending us correctly formatted EDI files providing information for all of our Clients. This final step I am trying to complete has proven to be the most challenging for me (though you would think it would be easier). There are many parts of the puzzle that must be found to Successfully have a carrier on board our system. Having to deal with carriers specific needs and to also ensure that they meet us somewhere in the middle, to not have rewrite all my code has been a learning experience. This is a skill a programmer must learn to in order to excel as a developer because in the end other people are going to be using your application and the user will not be as familiar as the creator. Along side of getting carriers to send the correct data briefly sat along our Network systems administrator to observe the process of setting them up internally. I was a bit surprised how much more of a process it was than I originally thought.

In the time I was not emailing carriers about setting up, I have a bit of time to add new features to the view to allow the user to search for a specific record on page load. I think it is a nice feature to allow the User to see all records on a specific date, by a carrier, or to a customer. Finally, I rewrite some code where it makes handling multiple files more efficient and cleaner.

I give myself a weekly rating of 5 for this week. There is only so much that can be down in this part of the project. Since it depends on a lot of waiting for test files to make sure when production files are sent it runs with errors.

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