ACDHS Co-Op Week 3

This week I was able to successfully upload learning content to the Learning Management System. Because the system constraints only allow video uploads of up to 50MB, I had to use another method of getting the video on the system. I saved the video file to my OneDrive and used the “copy link” function to then simply paste the video link to the LMS. Users will be able to access the video only, not my OneDrive, I made sure of that. I attended a team building meeting with the administrators and managers within the Agency, as well as the weekly conference meeting that occurs every Friday.

I have also been analyzing common database design flaws, so when it is time to build the database, we know what to avoid. A few of the common flaws I have found were the underestimating of the traffic within the database, improper indexing, and the use of invalid names. This research is critical because I would like to make sure the database is fully functional and highly efficient, as well as avoid any hiccups if possible.

Next Week’s Objectives:

Next week I am going to get more into the LMS and it’s mobile capabilities. I’ve discovered that there is an app available for iOS devices that links to the LMS so I am going to learn all of the specs that come along with that. I also plan on teaching myself as much as I can about Visual Basic so that I can incorporate that into the database as well. When I presented the idea of using Visual Basic, people were pretty excited so that is something I look forward to.


This week I give myself a 5 out of 5. I was very productive in my research as well as finding a solution to upload content onto the Learning Management System that will be available for employees to access.

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