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Hello All,

We have been working diligently to produce new wireframes for version 1.2. I made a mistake in last weeks blog in calling the next update for our app version 1.2. The newest release to our app was version 1.1. The development team worked on making the app as minimal and simple as possible for ease of use based on our newest wireframes as discussed in last weeks blog. The simple version has been release to the Android App store and IOS App store. The most up to date version is available on Android phones as Apple takes a bit longer to approve and publish the bug fixes. My projects for this week consisted of coming up with our estimation formulas for our painting projects. We conducted extensive market research to analyze the min, max, and average pay for painters in the Pittsburgh area. We also research the average material costs for specific jobs. We created algorithms that we then implement into code. Our estimation tool can now spit out valuable estimates based on the square footage of the space you want painted. After determining what valuable inputs we need from our users, we decided to tweak our wireframes for version 1.2. Our painting screen will ask simple but pertinent questions so that we can produce an accurate quote through our algebra in the code we write. Lastly, as a personal project, I have finalized version 1 of my personal webpage/portfolio. Over the last few weeks, I have been working on this personal project to enhance my HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JQuery skills. I have done some basic research on Bootstrap but have left those features out of my code, at least for now.

I rate myself a 3.5 out of 5 for week 9. Although we have accomplished a lot of work, I still believe that my IT contributions are lacking. I am learning great business, entrepreneurial, and design skills that may contribute to front-end developer opportunities. My goal is to keep assisting in the development of the app and to hopefully work with an in-house team so that I can assist in writing code. I’ll see you all next week.

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