ACDHS Co-Op Week 2

This week, I have started getting to know the agency’s Learning Management System (LMS). I am tasked with identifying any system requirements necessary to upload videos and other educational content to the LMS. I have been utilizing the system by creating “events” and “sessions” which are Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses for employees within the agency. I actually was not formally trained on the inter-workings of the system. I was granted administrative permissions and given free range to do whatever I needed to discover the in’s and out’s of the system. So far, I have learned how to create ILT events and sessions- this includes setting the time and location of the event, as well as the topic of the lesson and the duration of the lesson . Currently, I am working on figuring out how to upload videos, webinars, and other contents onto the LMS as part of the agency’s eLearning features. Having to figure these concepts out has given me the chance to reach out to my superior colleagues, which I feel is beneficial in the sense that I am making connections with people who have a lot of knowledge in their field and who can teach me valuable information.

Another project I have started is the database project. I have begun inquiring to other companies on what kind of database they use to keep track of the training of their employees (For those reading this, if you know what your company uses to store this information, please comment!). I am going to gather any feedback I get and present it to the agency so that we can make a decision on what platform would be best for us to keep track of our own employees’ trainings. Just as I did last week, this week I attended a weekly conference meeting discussing the agency’s annual conference that will be held in July. We covered topics such as the invitation, the online registration database, and venue.

Next Week’s Objectives:

Next week, I want to be able to easily upload any and all content onto the LMS. I would also like to get so familiar with it that I can answer any questions about it. I will continue my database research as well in order to come to a conclusion on which platform will be the best fit for the agency.


For this week, I score myself a 5 out of 5. I worked significantly harder this week trying to learn how the LMS works. I’ve shown up a few minutes early each day and stayed a few minutes late as well. Again this week I contributed to an important conference meeting.

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