Week 8 Reflection Journal – Flores

Hey Everyone!

Week 8 is in the books and a lot of progress has been made in the development of version 1.2 of our application. We released the application and have gathered some analytics and data from a small group of beta users. I have monitored our users through iTunes connect app analytics and google analytics. We are able to see how many people have downloaded our app and how many people are actively using it. We have received some feedback on our video service not working properly and causing the app to crash. In addition, our map and location services on our app is not finding the right location for each user. We have decided to remove these features for version 1.2 in order to start earning revenue and allow users to submit jobs without any crashes. This entire week has been dedicated to implementing the scrum mate productivity tool into our daily processes. We held a brief presentation on how scrum can organize our tasks and keep a backlog of all the ideas we plan on implementing in the app. We also created our first sprint to track the development of new wireframes that will replace the current video and map wireframes in the app. Early on in the week I created a new “job details” wireframe that asks for a brief explanation of the job (i.e dimensions), the time frame that the job would be completed, and an area to manually input the address of the job location. The latter half of the week consisted of creating wireframes for our “hackathon”. These wireframes show a glimpse of the future of our app with more intense automation. These wireframes removes manual processes such as job and labor estimations.

I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 this week. I have done extensive work in the UI/UX design aspect of our app. I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to work more on my programming skills. Next week, my goal is to continue to study the code in our github files with our dev team. We will also continue to brainstorm on how to better automate our application to minimize manual processes by our team. See you next week!

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