Weekly Reflection Blog – Week 2 – Sergio Flores

Hi there, welcome back to another week with Vitti & Vitti. On my second week with the firm I dedicated a lot of time to going through the server and learning about its structure and how all of the files are saved in the server. I started working with the Judgment department because the person running all of the technical services for that department was departing the firm, so I dedicated a lot of time to learning as much as I could from this person.

The Judgment department uses a lot of different forms which are compiled into a folder per county. I identified a much-needed service for one of the processes in the judgment stages, and it involves updating the data pertaining to specific boroughs or townships. In every case of foreclosure, accurate information has to be listed for the tax collector of the county, city/township/borough, school district tax collector, as well as every other lienholder that may have an interest in the property being foreclosed on. I discovered a tool inside one of the existing software for data management where all of this information could be safely stored and which was being underutilized so I am making it one of my priorities to update this database during the course of the co-op.

As the week went by, I realized there were several computer parts not in use in the server room. I inquired about them and it was determined it was uncertain if they were still usable or if they should be properly discarded. I recorded this as a future project.

Also, I took a look at the current website (www.vittilaw.com) and immediately realized the need for a face lift. I will start drafting ideas for an update on next week’s assignments.

For my second week on the job I give myself a 5, I strived to be on time every day and to utilize my day in the most productive way I could. I continued meeting with specific people on the firm and inquiring about all of the internal processes.

See you soon.

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