TFM: Co-op: Week Seven Reflection


I just finished up Week Seven at my co-op at Target Freight. This week I managed to get a lot accomplished on my project. Over the weekend and throughout the week I did more research about Ajax to get a better understanding of how it works and how I can use it. After I implemented it you can see speed improvements since I don’t have to page redirect anymore. I highly recommend using it in your own code anytime you have Events that require an action or redirection. I started working on a feature that allows the Clients to visualized their shipment status using Google maps and a progress bar to indicate the percentage of miles completed in the shipment. Implementing it was a bit more challenging then I realized since in order to do so I had to convert City Names to latitudes and longitude points. Next, I used Haversine algorithm to calculate the distance between the points in miles in order to see how the distance completed. A lot of factors were involved in making the small feature work, but I learned a lot from the small feature. Now I have a working prototype for the admin user page. Which will be able to view all records and make changes to the data.

The next step I started working on was the Client view. Unlike the admin, the client should only be able to view their own records associated with them. I was not able to complete this during the week like I’d hoped to. Since sometimes, you just can find enough time in the week.

So I give myself a weekly rating of 4 this week. For next week I have to finish up the Clients view and also work on trying to map certain columns in my Database tables to others in our system to display more data to our Clients.

Have a great weekend! And looking forward to next week!

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