Weekly Reflection Blog – Week 3 – Sergio Flores

Welcome to week three with Vitti & Vitti & Associates. It has been very nice and rewarding getting to know more closely all of the people that work for the firm. For one, everybody is very professional and committed to providing great service, from the top down, I can see very clearly how this firm truly cares for their clients. In my book, there is nothing better than having people who truly care about you holding your back. This has triggered my desire for adding as much value as I can during the little time I have with the firm.

Problems and Solutions…

This week I encountered a couple of problems with accounts that had been on fold for a long time. The client wanted to re-activate the internal process and I had to perform a thorough update on the records to reflect what needed to be done in order to bring the account current. I was able to get the help of an intern that will be assisting different departments based on their needs. A meeting with my supervisor, attorney Lois Vitti, was scheduled and I presented her with a list of items that needed taken care of right away, I explained the amount of work and the lack of hours during the day so she graciously allowed me to delegate tasks to the intern. This was particularly helpful so that I could divide the work load and dedicate more time to other items on my list.

Collaboration, what a great thing to have…

Last week I commented on the person that was leaving the judgment department and how I tried to learn as much as I could before the person left the firm. This was my first week without her support so it was particularly challenging, but I was able to get things done with the help of other departments which reinforced my knowledge about team work and collaboration across different teams.

I continued doing research and updating the database with information on specific boroughs and townships. I discovered old records that contained wrong data, but I was happy to see that this only happened because we didn’t have any recent cases in those specific townships.

I didn’t get the chance to look at the miscellaneous computer parts nor was able to draft anything on the website so I have added these on to next week’s to do list.

For my third week on the job I give myself a 4, I delved onto new areas of the firm and this delayed my learning process as I was trying to absorb and understand what was going on. However, I was able to appropriately delegate tasks as well as teaching a few technical tricks to the new intern.

Until next week, be well.

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