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Week 3:

Hello Again!

Week 3 at MIGHTY was a fun week. We got a chance to play around with the Invision app wireframes and really started to see how the app was coming together. I volunteered to take on the task of creating a company logo which would also be used as our app icon in the app stores. In addition to the logo, google(android) app store required a feature graphic that I also began working on. On the business side of things, I helped research a privacy policy for the app store and our website. Once our CEO finalized that policy, I created a link to it and added it to our website. I also did some research on a quick and efficient scheduler/calendar tool we can use to schedule jobs for our contractors. I found an application called Setmore and implemented that program into the list of programs we are using here at MIGHTY. I have also began working on frequently asked questions for our website and a rates & review section. In the next week, we will be coming up with a pricing model for how MIGHTY will earn a profit and how we can implement those prices and percentages in the estimation tool we are developing. So far, I have learned a lot about what it takes to start your own business and become a technology entrepreneur. In the coming weeks I will be assisting my co-worker in writing code to develop the estimation tool. This tool will automatically calculate how much to quote a customer and MIGHTY’s profit based on the labor (in hours), hourly wage, and MIGHTY’s margin percentage. This a great tool to help us calculate estimates for our customers faster.

In week 3, I would rate myself a 5 out of 5 due to the development of the app and seeing how our input has affected the outcome of the app. My goal for next week is to finalize the FAQ page and Rates & Review section in our website. I also want to submit a draft of our Logo/Icon to our UI/UX developer. I have been playing around with the sketch app for mac to develop these logo’s. Lastly, I want to submit a feature graphic for final approval by the end of next week so that we can release the app on the android app store. Overall, things are moving at a good pace and we are preparing for the release of our app within the next two weeks!

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