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Week 2

Hi Everyone!


During my second week at MIGHTY, I have established new accounts through google suite and was given a new email through our company’s domain. I have also been given access to numerous tools that we are using to communicate and organize tasks such as Asana and Slackbot. Asana allows you to add all members of your team into one group and create and develop tasks. It allows you to assign tasks to other users. It is a great task organizer and time management tool. Slackbot is an instant messenger service that we use to communicate with the development team and operations side of our startup. In addition, we are utilizing google drive, sheets, forms, and slides to organize and share our data. During my second week, we had numerous meetings where we discussed what our immediate goals are and what strategies we need to develop to accomplish these goals. We used the Invision application to create and organize the wireframes of the Real Estate Agent app. Invision helped us to simulate how the app will work and what changes needed to be made at our next developer meeting. We came up with implementing a time duration for the video in the app of 30-45 seconds and adding an information screen so that the user can input more details about the job they want completed. Lastly, I created a registration form and verbiage that is geared for trades professionals (contractors). This form is a basic registration form that contractors can use to sign up for our services. In the coming weeks, we will begin organizing this contractor information into a database by creating different categories based on the type of work they specialize in. The form is available on our website at www.get-mighty.com and by clicking on the “Trades Professionals” tab.

I would rate myself a 5 out 5 for my second week at MIGHTY. I have come up with some great marketing ideas for how we should attract contractors. We are using social media and other applications such as the Next Door app to reach out to individual contractors. We continue to strategize and develop ideas for our app each week. My goal for next is to begin working on company Logo ideas that will also be used as our App Icon. I will also be working on implementing new pages on our website such as the FAQ page and a Rates & Review section.

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