Week 3 Reflection: Target Freight Management

As another week goes by, I continue to learn all knew things as I work on my project, do research, and listen to my team. This week Tanner and I continued working on our project and took a few steps forward with its implementation by creating an interface and the necessary classes and functions to meet the requirements. In between coding, we spent lots of time talking about how we will be designing our system in order to store the correct results in our database. After that, we will need to create some documentation for our clients to be able to work with our program.

This week we also took a dive into version control, specifically, working with Bitbucket and Sourcetree which is our company’s software of choice for maintaining work flow. We received a demonstration on how to create branches, pull requests, commits, and other tasks which are all necessary to our working environment. We also use a task management tool called Jira which allows us to keep up with our assigned tasks and syncs nicely with Bitbucket. With these tools we are able to collaborate better by staying updated on everyone’s┬áprogress in one location. It is interesting to see the differences between our software and Github, which is what I previously used in class. Working with these technologies is getting me closer to my goal of learning version control systems.

It is exciting to know that the work we are doing will be going into production and benefiting our clients in a real way. I am also getting better at researching new concepts which is a much bigger part of my job than I originally thought it would be. Although there have been some challenges, there hasn’t been a time yet where I felt like the work was too difficult and am learning a lot from our work. I look forward to next week when we implement the next phase of our project.

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