Week 2, Internship: CDC

This second week has been extremely busy and productive. In addition to my training in the various procedures, my team has been busy implanting security procedures and ensuring that all systems in our facility are updated given the recent news and events that have happened globally. My part in all of this has been to check on the various computers remotely using our proprietary software and Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) ensuring that the necessary patches have been pushed remotely and installed correctly. I am also learning the process of imaging our computers and encrypting them.

This has been really exciting, but it has also opened a Pandora’s box of questions on what area of Information Technology I want to focus on and specialize in. My team has been inspiring and each person has such a broad spectrum of experience with each one specializing more on one area of IT or another and willing to share their knowledge and advice on the industry.

My personal rating for this week is at a 5. Not only have I continued my training, but this week has been extremely productive in addressing everything from software, security, and hardware issues while also meeting with different clients helping support their needs.

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