TFM: Co-op: Week Three Reflection

During week three we finished up on the last work of our sprint to complete an interface and Base Driver for our assigned project. The interface was easy to implement since you can think of it as a set of rules or call sheet for the functions in our Base driver to run. Implementing the Driver has been a challenge and a true test of my abilities, but I continue to learn more and find a solution to maximum efficiency in my code. I am learning a lot here at TFM for sure since at the beginning of my Co-op I was not very skilled in PHP since I never had to use much of it. But now I feel much more confident in writing in PHP, I have learned so much already in three weeks from polymorphism, to program architecture, and data structures. My supervisor and the rest of the developer staff here continue to be great teachers for me and point me in right direction to fix my bugs. Though our project is expected to take us a few more weeks, and then time to test I can say we are coming close to having our product in production for TFM to start using, and allowing the customers to view their data easier and more efficiently. As many programmers know and I have begun to realize, these projects take the time to be made correctly and work as planned, and though it can be frustrating at times while I am working to fix my bugs it is a good feeling to know in the end my time will be used for something good.


I give myself a quality performance rating of 5 this week. I had to work really hard and challenged myself and learning ways to improve my code. I am looking forward to working and the project again next week and to hopefully have a prototype to be able to test data.


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