Othot: Co-op: Week Eight Reflection

During week eight, I worked on getting a previous data set prepared for the platform so that it can be used for demos. This is something very important for the company so we can bring on new clients. The work I have done here has all been customer based which give me experience . I am not just doing side work that my superiors do not want to do, I am actually contributing to the company. I had to do a lot of preprocessing and testing on the odsl scripts for this task. Next week, a meeting is being held with our company and the most recent client to go over phase two of the results. I am interested in seeing what feedback they are going to have for us.

Also, I am being interviewed for the Point Park website to talk about my Co-op experience. I am honored and really excited to see the final student profile come together.

I give myself a quality performance rating of 4 this week. Getting the data ready for the platform is a big step for the company so it can demo to future clients.

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