othot: co-op: week seven reflection

Week seven has been way more relaxed then last week. We got everything we needed to communicate to the customer, which was the main work I have done so far. Now, I am just waiting for new data sets to be sent to us. Currently I have been looking at a new HIQ we are looking at. My co-worker created some scripts to look at the new HIQ and I have been looking at the data all week. The new HIQ will give us another type of question the customer can gear their answers toward.

I am going to use this blog to kind of reflect back on what it is like to work at a startup company. I got to sit in on two meetings this week that helped me further learn more about what a confusion matrix truly tells us. I also got to view collaboration between the CEO and his workers and that shows how everyone’s input is heard and considered when making a decision or point here at Othot. I think collaboration is very important in the work place. My title here is technically a data scientist, but I have also helped some of my other co-workers with their projects here. I am definitely gaining more knowledge here than I would learn at a larger corporation.

I give myself a quality performance ranking of 4 this week. With some down time this week, I found myself spending time practicing my coding, and learning as much as I can from some of the other interns around here. Looking forward to next week!

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