Othot: Co-Op: Week Six Reflection

Week six has been a huge accomplishment for my co-op experience. This week was the finalizing of the data before we sent out our final result report to the customer. After all of the hard work we have done the past couple of weeks, it has finally all come together. Week six has been filled with running multiple parameter tests on the training data, along with gathering together conclusions to what we were seeing. We got good results when it came to the feature importance’s and MCC score. Also the overall accuracy was high which is something that we definitely want to see. Today has been filled with going over the final reports with one of my coworkers. We have to make sure everything is accurate and written in the best way to help them understand what we saw. This data set gave us a couple of problems but we were able to problem solve too get the best results.

Moving forward, it would be great to find a way to systematically remove records where they have a significant amount of missing information. Also, a better way to track how much time or maybe miles it would take a person to get to the school/university/etc. This could give us a better look on distances when it comes to the decision if a student would be likely to enroll or not.

I give myself a quality performance rating of 5 this week. Thursday was the deadline day and we had to really come together and finish all of the final touches to make sure that everything looked good. I was put in some high pressure situations and was able to handle it efficiently. I was definitely tested which made me learn even more. This was an overall great week for me.

Have a great weekend!

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