Othot: Co-op: Week Nine Reflection

Hi everyone!

Week nine was really cool for me. I got to sit in on a customer meeting with a couple other of my co-workers to demo our platform. It was really nice to get to witness this because it helps me learn and gain more experience. It was very interesting to see the professionalism and strategy that goes behind one of these meetings. The day after, the CEO had me write a recap to send out to the whole company. Although this task does not seem like much, it gave me a chance to show the company the professionalism I take in this job.

Earlier that week, I had to do a couple of things to prepare the data for the platform. I had to take out any customer specific names, and any type of customer specific personal information in the data. In doing this, I had to replace all of the names with random names. I also had to do some preprocessing on a merged file to get the train and predict scripts that were used during the demo. Everything worked out, and we were able to demo successfully in the meeting. All of the tasks I have done thus far have dealt with this customer, so seeing it in action during the meeting made me feel accomplished. The job I have done here at Othot has helped them with their own, paying customer.

I give myself a quality performance rating of 5 this week. Getting the data ready for the demo was stressful, but I was able to accomplish the tasks under pressure.

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