Monthly Archives: December 2017

CDC Internship Week 14

This has been another exciting week with my internship as it draws to an end. As I’ve stated in previous postings I have been accepted as and treated as just one of the employees not just an intern. This was extremely apparent when I stopped by our Administration building to update my Smart Card and

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CDC Internship Week 13

Well this week has been an exciting one in regards to my learning and professional growth. One of my goals during this entire endeavor has been to acquire as many industry related trade certificates as possible. The biggest benefit is that I’ve been able to apply what I have learned at Point Park University and

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CDC Internship Week 12

This Friday was rather brief being Thanksgiving week. I think the most frustrating thing was that most of the people I had to make contact with on my ticket were gone or left early for the holiday. This has given me time to focus on brushing up on some of learning. One of the biggest

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