CDC Internship Week 14

This has been another exciting week with my internship as it draws to an end. As I’ve stated in previous postings I have been accepted as and treated as just one of the employees not just an intern. This was extremely apparent when I stopped by our Administration building to update my Smart Card and the person processing my card asked if I could fix a VPN problem she had been having. During that process one of her co-workers stopped in, noticed me, and asked if I could help her with her computer issues. I’ve learned as much as my time has allowed me and what new things I am learning is just like any other regular employee learning as they troubleshoot a process on an assigned ticket. This week most of my tickets were spent installing and verifying updates on various computers through SCCM logs. I learned that I am a fan of remote access and having the ability to troubleshoot in real time from my office while the user is clear across the other side in another building.

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