Week 12 Reflection Blog – Flores

Hello Everyone!

My last week as an Intern at MIGHTY Home Improvement App involved taking care of logistics for jobs that have been submitted through the app. Our latest release has allowed users to submit jobs with ease. We removed the video feature and auto-locator (map) feature on the app due to excessive crashes. The wireframes for the next release have been completed and we are still awaiting a definite set of dates to perform a hackathon with our technology advisors. The advisors we have spoken to truly believe in this app and are providing great guidance to enhance our technology. I have made some minor adjustments with our website’s SEO as well as provided a review section where our app users can tell us what they think about the app. We are gaining a lot of traction and will look to enhance our marketing efforts so that more users become aware of our product. I have accepted a part-time position with MIGHTY where I will be part of the development team once it is established. I will be working on updating wireframes, our main website, and acting as a project manager in the meantime. I will also participate in the hackathon where I can see first-hand how the application will be created from scratch with the new wireframes and ideas we have implemented. This will be a great experience in helping with the development of my programming skills, particularly mobile application development. It has been a pleasure to work as an intern for the MIGHTY Home Improvement App. I have met and worked with some extraordinary people. I was given the opportunity to network with others in the tech industry at numerous events. I was treated as a leader and my thoughts, ideas, and concerns didn’t go unnoticed. Being a part of a technology startup is something I would absolutely recommend to any Information Technology intern. Not only will you get the most out of learning to build the technology, you will learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and business. I am glad I received this opportunity and complete this internship. I hope you all had similar experiences and learned a lot from them. This week I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 due to the slowdown in building the technology. In the last 12 weeks, I have learned that unfortunately building an app and startup technology company is a slow-moving process. We hope to have a successful and popular app for everyone to use in the near future. In the mean-time, check us out on the app store or at mightyhomeapp.com for new features and products.

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