After completing a successful migration of the new Vitti & Vitti & Associates’ website last week, I feel that the current week went by too easy. I continued working with updating the client’s accounts with the help of the other interns while meeting with my supervisor to make sure all goals are met in the last couple of weeks with the firm.

This week was particularly hard because I invested a lot of time into working without the expired database system. The recording of the data had to be done manually into each client’s file, which in turn, consumed a considerably larger amount of time. The lack of an automated system in place makes for an extra effort in making sure the data is entered correctly and accurately.

The management contacted a cloud based company that offered the much needed data management system, providing the user with all and more of the tools that were being used previously. Time was spent learning the new system and thinking about the possibility of programming a replacement system. This idea would, however, require a substantial amount of time to achieve, time that I do not have left with this co-op, as it is coming up to an end.

I would welcome the possibility of returning to the firm for another semester and work on a project of this magnitude but for now, I focused on learning the new system and on trying to upload as much data as it would be possible within the remaining time with the firm.

I give myself a 5 for this week for investing time in learning a new system while striving to maintain the integrity of the data. I look forward to completing all of the tasks previously set up.

Thank you for reading.

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