Week 13 with Vitti & Vitti & Associates presented me with a much-awaited day, the day that I finally migrated the newly designed website and made it live. I kept looking into the possibility of designing and programming a new database system that would perform the same or better solutions than the current one. And I continued working with updating the database with the most current information.

After investing some time researching the different options, I chose UpdraftPlus to do the migration of the website. A WordPress plugin, it provides a reliable tool to clone or migrate an entire website and its content. WordPress’ website provides you with instructional videos and step by step do it yourself advice on how to achieve this task.

When I first logged into the host server, I realized that WordPress was one of the options readily available. This prompted me to utilize the plugin described above. After installing WordPress on the host environment, I went back to my local system and downloaded and installed UpdraftPlus.

The next steps were fairly simple, until the configuration of the database connection came up. I had previously created a new database in the server for the sole utilization of the new site. I took special and careful attention to recording the user name, password, and name of the database, and proceeded with entering the information, previously documented, into the setup pages. As it had to happen, there was an error showing a mistake with the data entered and I spent a good amount of time trying to discover where the mistake was.

I ended up discovering that the instructional video was prompting me to leave a default name for the local database in the place where the new database name was supposed to be entered. As soon as I tried the new database name, the process went through and I was able to complete the migration of the website. Please check it out at www.vittilaw.com.

I give myself a 5 for this week for completing the migration of the website successfully. I look forward to the last couple of weeks with the firm and closing on other projects.

See you soon.

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