Hi again, this is week 11 with Vitti & Vitti & Associates. This week was one-day short as I was feeling ill and could not show up for work. Nonetheless, I struggled to maintain my energy levels high during the rest of the week and propelled a lot of work to be done.

I continued working on the database and completed several accounts making them in compliance with the industry regulations. I collaborated with other departments and a fellow attorney by assisting with software related issues. Similarly, I completed all of the sub-pages of the website and spent some time in making sure that all of the data was consistent with the firm’s image and marketing objectives.

One of the biggest challenges of the week was planning for the website migration from my personal computer to the host. I obtained the credentials for the host and delved into the options already in place. I also had what I thought was a configuration problem and lost a lot of time investigating. I had set up a google map link under the Contact Us page and the map was not showing up out of the sudden. I deleted the link, re added it, reviewed the code several times, and nothing happened. The map would not show up. After some additional time, I took a break from this issue and worked on something else, which was very helpful because while I was away from the problem, I read about a similar issue but this had to do with the browser configuration. It hit me suddenly, my problem could be related with my browser not allowing the google map link to display.

I went back to my browser’s configuration and discovered that, indeed, it was blocking my website from displaying the map. Easy fix after all but didn’t think of it after a while.

I give myself a 5 for this week because I was adamant at finding the solutions to my problems on my own.

Until next time.

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