Hello, it was hard to go back to week 10 since the previous week I was off, but it is gratifying to return to a fun environment, great colleagues, and new challenges. For this week, I set myself the goal of completing all of the sub-pages of the website while continuing to work on the database and manage new requests.

The biggest surprise happened as the database software crashed unexpectedly midweek. As it happened, the first thing I remembered was an advice from one of my professors at Point Park and it was one advice that I will surely have on top of my list of must do things. His recommendation was to always have a backup of your database and make sure there is a contingency plan in place in case of a sudden loss of data.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought of this since I started the co-op and I immediately regretted it. However, there was a plan in place and not all was lost thanks to the cron job setup in the server which performed daily backups of the entire system. As a result of the crash, all of the work that was done that day was lost, but we were able to recover everything else up to the previous night.

I continued working on the website and designing the internal pages as well as creating content for them and it is looking pretty close to be finished. I still have to work on some small details before attempting to make the site live.

I give myself a 4 for this week for not having thought of a contingency plan. I learned my lesson, however, and will be prepared for the next time it happens.

Until next time.

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