ACDHS Co-Op week 6

This week I reformatted the database to make it cleaner and more organized. Instead of making a table for each individual job category, I created one table that contains job category as a field and matched that to the corresponding job titles as fields also. I added an attachment field that will house all needed training documents such as PowerPoints, Word and Excel documents, instructional videos, etc. I ended up deleting all of the search forms I originally created as well. Rather than having a separate search form for each job category, I created a single search for based on the new table. It seemed more practical to have one search form that can search through all of the training instead of a separate one for each job category. I applied the same functions to this search form. I used SQL “WHERE” statements that will allow users to find training by searching job category, job title, and training title.  

While creating this database, I expanded my knowledge of SQL. I now know how to do a UNION query, which may be useful some day. I have also started using VBA a little bit. I used it to code a button function on a main menu form that I created, with help from the internet of course, but the knowledge is valuable none the less. 

I also created a survey/assesment using excel which I never did before, so that’s another valuable tool I have learned and can apply in future endeavors. 

Next Week’s Objectives: Make changes to the database if needed. Possibly start a new project, that I have not been given yet. 

Rating: This week I give myself a 5 out of 5. I made the database more organized and easier to use. I completed creating the survey/assessment in a very short amount of time, but it was all done correctly.

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