Here is week 6 with Vitti & Vitti & Associates. It is hard to believe how fast time flies. During week 6 I continued developing the website. I spent a lot of time discovering what capacity and possibilities does the template hold, and it is pretty powerful.

A learning experience…

After downloading all of the different gadgets and plugins that came with the template, I delved into making several changes. After having somewhat of a better presentation, I saw that there were several updates being recommended by the system. One of the mayor updates was for WordPress itself so I started with this one. After the download was installed I was presented with a blank (white) screen with an odd-looking menu, I realized at this point that something went wrong. I was unable to access the back-end of the site and I had to spend several hours doing research online to find a solution to my problem. To my surprise, I found out many people have had this same issue and the answer was found in the fact that when the plugins are not updated before the version of WordPress is updated, sometimes they are not compatible and the site crashes.

Thankfully, I found instructions on how to fix the problem and went deep into one of the configuration files to change a few lines of code and the site went back to a decent view.


I continued to work on old accounts and updating all the data with current/accurate information.

For my sixth week on the job I give myself a 4, I lost a lot of time investigating the problem with the website and was not able to advance much on other items on the todo list.

See you soon.

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