During week 5 with Vitti & Vitti & Associates I dedicated a lot of time to developing the website using the template that I recommended, as it was purchased by the firm. The recommendation to purchase the template was hard because while I felt confident with html, the managing partner liked the design of the template and it presented us with everything that was needed, so we agreed that time was of the essence and we moved forward with the plan.

The platform for the template is WordPress but because I would be working locally I had to find a software that would host the site on my own laptop. After some research, I found a lot of good information and recommendations about Microsoft WebMatrix so I proceeded to download a copy and installed it locally. Instructions for the installation as well as the executable file were readily available on Microsoft.com.

The installation of WebMatrix presented no issues whatsoever and I proceeded to install the WordPress application within the WebMatrix. At this level of the process I had to create a database for the site, a step that is automated by the application itself and all you have to do is follow the steps and create a login and a password for both the user/admin and for the database. It is highly recommended to save this information safely on your hard drive or even print a hard copy because you will need it at a later time.

Learning something new…

While I had experience with html, I had never made anything in WordPress. I have to admit it is very friendly and with a little bit of curiosity, I have been able to discover things on my own. More on this next week since other projects await.


I continued to work on old accounts and the to-do list and I realized that it would be so much easier to create and use a spreadsheet in Excel to import all of the information and manipulate the data. I created the headers based on the level of importance and after a bit of time invested, I could already see how easy it would be to manage the data and meet deadlines going forward.


While I was able to bring several accounts to a current stage, I had to understand that new work doesn’t stop flowing and piling up. This only means that the firm is doing well and I can only take it one step/day at a time. It was hard to accept this reality because I like to overachieve and be on top of things, not a realistic mindset.

On the other hand, I take pride that what I am completing is accurate and it contains a lot of value.

For my fifth week on the job I give myself a 5, while I still feel that I could do more every day I see the value of my work.

Until next time.

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