Reflection Blog 4 – Matt Alexander

For the week of 10-14 July, I have been taught more networking monitoring and circuit monitoring for offices worldwide. We have the access to remote desktop into the servers for VM and physical servers. We work with the Network team in monitoring, rebooting, and running powershell scripts to get reports concerning the status of these systems. Monitors include response time, packet loss, cpu load, memory utilization, up/down status, and fan, power supply, and temperature health. Solarwinds application is one of the better monitoring software applications that I’ve seen work both at ReedSmith and in the military. The customization and data analytics can not only give a red/green bubble status, but it can also show time charts to prove where the change in status is and at what time. It’s a very in depth program that can help troubleshoot problems across a global span.

Another great experience that I will have a chance to work with is that ReedSmith IT departments are going to work with Microsoft Surface. The applications for an office setting seem great for meetings but we are trying to figure out other applications that could be useful in a monitoring sense that will help our communications. It is a different system compared to using a television and desktop computer. It has cameras on each side of the monitor, its own operating system, and a stylus pen that can be used for an instant application called whiteboard (which is pretty obvious on what it does). It is a great device that will easily be integrated into our operations, but what other operations we can report immediately that other departments need, that is where we are trying to come up with ideas. The NOC is very established and the department is there to establish clarity across all communicating systems. Learning how each aspect of information tracking, has given me more experience in IT than most of the military operations which were at lower level of operations.

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