Reflection Blog 1 – Matt Alexander

Starting work at ReedSmith on 19 June 2017, I was first integrated into the company by filling out the necessary employee paperwork and then went through a grueling 4 hour training period of watching different videos. Over 46 videos were made to show employees everything from using the products that ReedSmith uses on a regular basis. Some of these software products include Citrix, Outlook, a digital filing system add-on for outlook, voicemail, CISCO IP Phones, the internet website, intranet website, Skype for Business, and using a network file storage space used for each employee. Though the training was long, it is a necessity for all employees due to the massive amount of technology the company uses on a regular basis. This helps solve small problems with new employees who don’t know how to use these systems, along with having references to some forgotten knowledge when users haven’t used them in a while.

After being introduced to three of the Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician they began to show me the areas that they worked with. The setup is that each work space has three screens, side by side and that is because there are massive amounts of programs to monitor at the same time, while problem solving by either continuing to monitor a situation, finding the reason why a monitored server or sensor is reporting outside of normal bounds, or even responding to an analyst or new process. The job of monitor is being a higher level of technician than a user help desk situation. We monitor the number of calls at the same time for the help desk, how much CPU usage is used on a server at a time, video cameras used worldwide at each server site, patching administrator servers, rebooting servers at locations worldwide, load balancing the servers, and monitoring and dealing with each piece of equipment that deals with information that flows into and out of the ReedSmith Corporation.

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