I just completed my Ninth week at my Co-op with Target Freight Management. This week my goal to was to complete the 997 functional acknowledgment that returns back to the carrier. After this step is completed my project prototype is almost finished and will be ready to be merged into production. I managed to almost complete this step this week, but since I had to rewrite a lot of code in my parser to catch errors to be able to get the specific loop and line that the errors were found, took me more time then I would of like. Also, I still need to fix a few bugs that happen when certain errors are caught. I also worked on another test file that was sent from one of our carriers. Since for a very standardized topic such as EDI, quite often to I find myself having to create an individual parser for the carriers who do not quite follow the specific EDI format that we use. Which can get annoying at times it still helps be learn how to debug and write code that works more efficient.

For next week I have to finish the last bit of the functional acknowledgment to rid my code of bugs. Then after that, the next step of my project is to reach out to all of our carriers so they can start sending production files for our customers can use this new feature. I am excited to see how things will go once this is launched in production, I have put many hours into the project and learned so much.

I give myself a weekly rating of 4 this week. I am really looking forward to completing my project since I am almost done with it, just a few band aids to remove and a bit of retouching up on my HTML skills to make it look pretty.

Have a good weekend!

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