Week 6 Reflection Blog Post- Flores

Hello Everyone!

I have completed week 6 of my internship at MIGHTY and a lot of back end work has been completed prior to the release of our app. We are quickly realizing how much goes into building an application and completing a build for the app. After finding common misspelling and grammatical issues in the app, we were told that those cannot be changed until the next update due to funds. The IOS app was released late Friday and we spent the weekend finding bugs and other errors. An error that I found was that the app on my phone would not let me submit the job. We had numerous users complain about the same issues. This issue was finally fixed on Sunday evening. Some other things we discussed last week was researching and implementing Scrum into our daily routine. Scrum is a tool used by developers to create sprints and organize daily and weekly tasks. Multiple users can participate in multiple tasks. We agreed to implement this tool throughout our development to keep track of each of our progress. I also complete extensive research on iTunes Connect Analytics and Google Analytics. Theses sources will allow us to see how many people have downloaded our app, how many active users, we have, and where people are being redirected from on the web. This allows us to better strategize or marketing plan and see where the bulk of users come from. It also helps to quantify the success of the app to investors. Lastly, we have began brainstorming new ideas to add into the app for Realtors to use. These minor implementations will provide small services to Realtors and allow us to begin earning revenue quickly.

I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 for week 6. This week was quite slow and we often times were in limbo waiting for the release of the IOS app. We talked about coming up with different marketing strategies to attract contractors. We also set up multiple meetings with Realtors to beta test the app once it has been released. Next week I plan to review our github files that were shared to us by the development team. I will also look into React Native and learn more about how it works and how it has contributed to the development of our app. Until next time.

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