TFM: Co-op: Week Eight Reflection

Hello Again,

I just wrapped up my eighth week of my co-op at Target Freight. Time seems to be flying by, and I am learning and improving so much.  This week was another productive week for me. After I finished up fixing some of the bugs I had with data inserting to the database incorrectly earlier on in the week. I have a fully functioning prototype for our EDI parser.

The project I was assigned can be broken down into much steps for a better understanding of what has been accomplished so far. Step one was to set up FTP connections and database tables to store credentials for our Carriers. Next was to retrieve the multi-line text files and run them through our parser to make the data more human readable for the Clients. The third step was to create database tables to insert all the parsed data. Finally, I had to create admin and client view pages.

Now for the last step of the project, I have to go back into where we parse the file and create checks to make sure the data sent to us is accurate and does not include any errors. If errors are found then the EDI 997 functional acknowledgment is sent back to the carrier with a description of the caught error, or in the case, it was successful a 997 is sent back saying all data was accepted.

During the week I managed to get about half of the checks completed. So, after next week I hope to have it completed so I can finally accept the EDI’s from our carriers.

I give myself a weekly rating of 5 this week. I am nearly finished with my projects and looking back to when I started 8 weeks ago I have completed much more than I believed I could so far.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the 4th of July!

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